Due to the escalation of crime, fraud and corruption in South Africa, it has become essential for companies to make use of polygraph services and more and more successful companies are making use of polygraph testing than ever before.

Criminal activities such as misappropriation of property or theft in the work environment by employees annually result in considerable monetary loss by the employer. This can ultimately lead to the closing down of the business and crippling of the country’s economy. Finding the culprits can prove to be very challenging for the employer.

Prevention is always better than curing. The use of the polygraph testing during the process of hiring personnel ensures that accurate information about their past activities is obtained. The screening examinations are valuable in helping to select the best candidates for the job.

Polygraphists have been accepted as expert witnesses whose evidence needs to be tested for reliability and although polygraph tests may not be interpreted as implying guilt, it can be used in support of other evidence. As part of their professional services, Mega Force Security not only provides security, but also reliable polygraph testing to their clients and other interested companies.