Guards are deployed at various locations in small factories shopping malls, residential homes, office buildings, large manufacturing plants and banks. Having acquired a vast treasure of experience after being in the industry, Mega Force Security only provides guards that are of a very high caliber. The company believes that every location entrusted to Mega Force Security is important and therefore the quality of service rendered must be of the highest level and meet the customer’s expectations.

Being a leader in the industry, Mega Force Security also has an important image to protect. With this important mission in mind, every effort is taken to ensure that only good, responsible, honest and competent guards are deployed to any assignment under our responsibility.

Mega Force Security Guarding Services are customized to meet your individual guarding needs. Your need for personal security is delivered through our trained and experienced uniformed guards comprising armed and unarmed personnel. Our guarding personnel are not just professionals but are trained to act as an extension of your own customer service help-line remembering always that they each serve, bearing not just the dignity of the organization but also the integrity of the Safeguards name.

Our security professionals are trained to manage threats that endanger the safety of your assets, as well as the lives of your family, employees and customers alike. Our reputation and the Mega Force Security name are recognized as an investment in professional security. Mega Force Security Guarding Services is extended to many of local leading commercial organizations that require a high security network.